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Camera Accessories

  (GS 9633) 28mm,
C-mount, push button
(GS 9635) 27mm
rabbit ear, C-mount
(GS 9636) 36mm
rabbit ear, C-mount
  (GS 9639) 3-chip coupler (35mm) push button, C-mount (GS 9920 only)
  (GS 9640) Parfocal Zoom Coupler, C-mount (20-37mm)   (GS 9641) 28mm rotatable, C-mount
  (GS 9645) 3 Chip, 35mm, C-mount
(GS 9470, -71 &
GS 9480, -81)
  (GS 9650) Beamsplitter (90/10) rotatable C-mount w/ swivel head
NOTE: (GS 9639) endocoupler compatible with (GS 9920) system only. All others are compatible with (GS 9900) - 3-Chip and (GS 9940) Digital Single Chip systems.
Fiber Scope Adapters

(GS 9435) Olympus
pre-OES adapter

(GS 9436) Pentax
(GS 9437) Machida   (GS 9438) Fujinon
(GS 9445) Olympus OES adapter      
S-Video Cables
(GS 9408) Y/C (S-VHS) cable, 6 feet  
(GS 9427) Y/C (S-VHS) cable, 25 feet
BNC Cables (Composite Video)
(GS 9406) BNC/composite video cable, 6 feet  
(GS 9425) BNC/composite video cable, 25 feet
Field Replacement Cable
(GS 9498) Camera cable for MP Video MC800/900,
3 Meter (10 ft.)
(EXC-4015M) Camera cable for VCM-2 camera, microscope application,
15 Meter (49 ft.)
Individual Camera Heads for
Discontinued Systems
(GS 9402) VCM-1 camera head (NTSC)

(GS 9403) VCM-2
camera head (NTSC)
  (GS 9404) VCM-3 camera head (NTSC)     (GS 9452) VCM-1
camera head (PAL)
  (GS 9453) VCM-2 camera head (PAL)     (GS 9454) VCM-3
camera head (PAL)
  (GS 9472) 3-Chip, NTSC (GS 9470, GS 9480)     (GS 9473) 3-Chip, PAL (GS 9471, GS 9481)
NOTE: All heads come standard w/ 3 meter cable. Available in PAL/NTSC.
Camera Trays

(GS 9720)
Sterilization tray
15 1/4 x 9 5/8 x 2 3/8"
(GS 9730)
Sterilization tray
8 3/8 x 9 5/8 x 2 3/8"
NOTE: Each tray holds 1 SOLOS Camera.
Additional Accessories
  (GS 9405)
Isolation transformer
    (GS 9415) Carrying case, VCM style
  (GS 9416) Sterile camera drape, 10/box     (GS 9850) Hospital grade power cord (domestic)


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