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Return Policy



Authorization to return goods

All product returns must be authorized in advance by SOLOS Endoscopy. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Each request for return must be made to SOLOS Endoscopy. Freight must be prepaid on all authorized returns.


  Returned Goods Authorization Number

A Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained prior to the return of any items. Upon approval, SOLOS Endoscopy will issue an RGA number.

The RGA must include:

  1. Reason for return: "overstock, ordered in error", etc.

  2. Catalog number, quantity and serial number.

  3. Hospital P.O. number and date, SOLOS Endoscopy invoice number and date, or sales order number.

NOTE: RGA number must be located on the outside of the returned goods for proper crediting. RGA expires 45 days from date of issue.


Merchandise not accepted for return and/or credit

Products that will not be accepted by SOLOS:

  1. Products ordered on a special order or custom basis.

  2. Products not in standard SOLOS packaging.

  3. Products not listed in the current price list or otherwise discontinued.

  4. Case goods products which have been opened.

  5. Products unsuitable for resale (such merchandise will be immediately destroyed by SOLOS).

  6. Products accompanied by an RGA number, but NOT displaying the return label.

  7. Products more than one year old.


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