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Trocars & Cannulas

Trocars & Cannulas
(GS 4300) Trumpet valve cannula and trocar, pyramidal, 5.5mm, O.D.   (GS 4500) Trumpet valve cannula and trocar, pyramidal, for 10mm instruments and scopes
(GS 4600) Hasson cannula and trocar, blunt, 11mm, O.D. with suture holder      
Replacement for Cannula Seals
  (GS 4307) Replacement for 5mm cannula seal     (GS 4507) Replacement for 10mm cannula seal
  (GS 4350) 5mm, pyramidal tip     (GS 4351) 5mm, conical tip
  (GS 4550) 10mm, pyramidal tip     (GS 4551) 10mm, conical tip
  (GS 4653) Hasson 11mm, blunt tip      
Reducer Sleeves & Seals
(GS 4010) Reducer Sleeve, 10.5mm to 5.5mm, 18cm length   (GS 4100) Reducer sleeve, 5.5mm to 4.5mm, 18cm length
(GS 4101) Reducer sleeve, 5.5mm to 4.5mm, 27cm length      
Reducer Sleeves & Seals
  (GS 4309) 5.5mm, sealing cap, (5/pack) - (GS 4100), (GS 4101)     (GS 4509) 10.0mm, sealing cap, (5/pack) -
(GS 4010), (GS 4000)


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Leading hospitals and clinics worldwide use Solos Endoscopic Systems to perform numerous minimally invasive endoscopic procedures.


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