Solos Endoscopy, Inc. was founded in 1986 and was a pioneer in the video imaging market during the emergence of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the early 1990’s. The Company’s early work in laparoscopic endoscopy allowed Solos to become a market leader during this time. Solos was then acquired by BircherMedical Systems during this period, in one of the largest endoscopic deals at the time. Later the two companies would be acquired by ConMed Corp. The Solos Endoscopy unit was eventually spun-off from ConMed into a private company, in the late 1990’s.

In the early 2000’s, Solos Endoscopy was again a pioneer with its entrance into the medical digital imaging marketplace; with its chip on the stick (COAST) endoscope and one of the first digitally integrated video systems (DIS2000) for documenting and archiving endoscopic images. Through a merger/acquisition with ViaDux Health in 2006, Solos Endoscopy became a publicly traded company (OTCPK:SNDY). Later that year, Solos launched its MammoView™ endoscopic line of breast cancer detection tools. Which today, Solos remains the leading company in endoscopic breast cancer detection products.

Today, Solos Endoscopy is a medical device company whose mission is to develop and market high quality and innovative products for the screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of medical conditions.

For more than 30 years, from medical schools to leading hospitals, surgeons have trusted the Solos brand and look to the company to develop and market breakthrough technology, applications, medical devices, and procedural techniques for the screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of disease through minimally invasive methods.