Top cancer research specialists choose the Solos MammoView™ Breast Endoscopy System as the best method of retrieving cell samples from the lining of the mammary duct.

The Solos Mammoview™ Breast Endoscopy System is designed to:

  • Distinguish and inspect suspicious pre-cancerous lesions undetectable by other methods
  • Perform related intraductal procedures with direct visualization of the tissues of interest
  • Complement existing diagnosis and treatment options with direct endoscopic observation

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MammoView™ Components:

(BE 1000)
Solos Ductoscope
Multi-use Microendoscope – .9mm diameter,10cm length

(BE 4000)
Solos Dilator Set
For easy dilation of mammary ducts prior to ductoscopy. Three sizes: S (19 gauge) – M  (21 gauge) – L (23 gauge)

(BE 2500)
Solos Introducer Cannula
Facilitates irrigation, visualization, and analysis from within mammary ducts. 9mm dia., 10cm length

(BE 8000)
Cytology Retrieval Kit

The Solos MammoView™ Breast Endoscopy System

Mammary ductoscopy is designed to provide physicians the means to detect, diagnose, and treat breast cancer years before surgery, physical exams or other external imaging can reveal evidence of the disease.

The Solos Breast Endoscopy System employs advanced microendoscopes and optical technology to give physicians sharp, clear images of the milk ducts, where the majority of the breast cancers arise.

Solos’ intraductal devices are designed to provide direct observation with any endoscopic video system while providing unprecedented image quality, using advanced minimally invasive technologies and tissue preservation techniques.

Set-up Charts

MammoView Product Set-up Charts

MammoView Product Set-up Charts
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About Mammary Ductoscopy – FAQ’s

The purpose of this information is to help you understand what is going on in your body and explain the procedure your doctor is recommending for you – a procedure called mammary ductoscopy (duck-tos-cope-ee). Download PDF